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AQF Weight Lifting Belt which is 5″ wide designed to offer back support and protect the user during heavy weight lifting.
The belt is made of high quality neoprene material with a velcro closure system.
It is very light, strong and comfortable at the same time.

£10.99 £5.99

Extend workout performance
Increase Vascularity
Increase Muscle Strength and Power


Made with real butter and coconut oil
A source of omega-3 fatty acids
Contains 22 percent protein per bar

£23.86 £22.10

Lever design allows quick and easy use of the belt – no fiddling around with the prongs, simply flip it shut straight to your preferred tightness.
Leather power lifting belt is ideal for power lifting, body building or general back support.
Advance unbreakable lever closure belt can be loosened in less than a second.

£27.99 £22.50