For many people, building muscle is not that easy to do. In fact, muscle gain is often believed to be ‘programmed’ into our genetics when we are born. You will also find that it is much easier to build up muscle mass if you are young and male. There are a number of tips that you can rely on if you want to increase the amount of muscle that you are going to build up, let’s take a little look at a few of them.

Perhaps the biggest tip is to include a lot of protein in your diet. You can obtain this from a number of food sources, although many people do suggest that you have things such as ‘protein’ shakes. Proteins are often known as the ‘building blocks of the human body’, and it is these that go into building up the muscles, as well as repairing them when they suffer wear as a result of a workout. They also help give us the energy that we require in order to push our bodies to ‘the max’. Without proteins, you are not going to build up muscle mass.You should never attempt to lose weight and put on muscle at the same time, this is in fact contradictory. Instead you will want to increase your calorie intake if anything. Don’t worry though, if you are working out, you will be burning it off. Remember, you need energy to exercise.Muscle growth occurs when you push your muscles over the edge. Your muscles are ‘lazy’. They will only grow if they have a need to do so. Therefore you will want to have an intensive work out at the gym with heavy lifting involved. This will hopefully push your muscles to the point where they need to grow in order to cope.
You will also want to leave about a 1 minute gap between sets. This helps increase the amount of lactic acid within your muscles. Research has shown that this helps stimulate growth within the muscles. It will also mean that you are pushing your muscles that much closer to ‘fatigue’, which as mentioned before, is going to substantially increase your chances of putting on muscle mass.
You will need to constantly work in order to build up your muscle. This means visiting the gym at least three times a week in order to train. As you become more experienced you may wish to visit more often, otherwise you may not see substantial muscle growth any longer. When you are at the gym, you will want to target three exercises; the squat, the deadlift and the bench press. These 3 exercises are mass builders and have been known to increase muscle gain substantially.
Finally, ensure that you get enough sleep. Muscle growth occurs when we rest, and if you don’t do it often, you will find that you are not achieving the muscle gain that you wish to.
Follow just a few of these tips and you will find that you are that much closer to gaining that ‘perfect’ body that you are aiming for. Remember, you will not be able to build up muscle without weight training, so head to the Fitness World Gym today. You may also benefit from a personal trainer for your exercises and diet, John can customise a plan that suits you and your work schedule.