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I would like to point out this fact for you to read and think about:

How many times have you trained and got nowhere?

Have you gone to a gym of some kind and not had a clue what you are doing?

Seen people swinging all kind of weights (doing it all wrong)

Trained you of some kind and not seen the results?

The list goes on so think about it all

I can get you the results you want with a full personal training program designed for your individual needs and time scale, covering every area you need and it does not have to cost the earth. Half the battle is knowing the correct way. People have trained for years that I have seen over the 24 years of training myself and they have never looked any different, that’s because they train wrong and their diets are wrong and they have never bothered to seek good advice that can point them in the right direction. Think about it, I am here to help.



John ( Gym Owner )