Getting Fit with Excercise in Ormskirk

Tips on getting fit with exercise

If you are looking to get fit in Ormskirk then you will need to establish a proper exercise regime first. In our experience here at Fitness World Gym, one of the best ways to establish a proper workout regime which you stick to is to sign up to a gym. Not only will the equipment that you need be there, it will also give you an incentive to work out if you are paying for a gym subscription.

One of the most basic things that you need to be carrying out in order to improve your fitness levels are cardio exercises. These exercises are designed to get your heart beating, and to get you breathing a little better. You should be doing at least thirty minutes of cardio every single day if you want to benefit from it. Don’t worry though, it isn’t too ‘strenuous’. It may involve running on a machine or using a spinning bike at your local gym. As long as it is getting your heart beating fast, then you are going to achieve benefit. This is probably one of the best ways in which you can lose weight.

You cannot do just cardio if you want to increase your fitness though. You will need to mix it up with additional exercises. This includes ‘stretching’ before you carry out your exercises at the gym. Not only will this prevent you from becoming injured, but it is going to increase your flexibility which is going to benefit you substantially.

You will also want to incorporate some sort of resistance training. Remember, weight training isn’t just about building up muscles; it is about removing body fat and helping you achieve a much fitter and healthier body. In fact, unless you really try it can be quite difficult to build up muscle mass. You will want to aim for the lighter weights in the gym first, but aim for more reps when lifting. This will help build up your endurance and fitness levels as a result. If you are looking to achieve slightly larger muscles then aim for heavier weights, but a lower amount of repetitions. It is always good to seek advice when lifting heavy and its important to have the right technique. If you need any advice ask one of the personal trainers at the Fitness World Gym.

It is also important that you stick to a regular schedule. It will be much harder getting fit if you work out on a sporadic basis. Set a certain time that you are going to be in that gym, preferably at least three times a week, and stick to it. Try not to let anything stand in your way! You may find that a ‘workout buddy’ at the gym is exactly what you need to provide you with extra motivation. Our personal trainers at the Fitness World Gym can provide training for up to 3 people at any one time so it can be fun getting fit with friends and with the help of a professional. A personal trainer will help ‘wear’ you into the regime, and provide any tips on getting fit with exercise that we haven’t covered here. It doesn’t matter how ‘unfit’ you are, you will become fit, it all about the effort you put in and sticking it out.


Remember we are here to help and provide free consultations, give us a call today on 01695 571 125 and take that first step to getting fit.

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